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The Value of Patient Summaries

Integrating software with Electronic Health Records (EHR) has become a cornerstone for providing efficient and effective patient care. Topology Health stands out with its innovative approach to connecting apps with various EHR systems, creating a paradigm shift in how healthcare professionals access and utilize patient data.

One of the noteworthy achievements by Topology Health is the development and testing of a patient summary creator adhering to the Canadian Patient Summary (PS-CA) and International Patient Summary standards. This significant milestone was achieved at the annual Projectathon hosted by Canada Health Infoway in March 2021, in collaboration with SmileCDR.

The adherence to PS-CA is pivotal as it ensures that patient summaries are not just created but are done so in accordance with the industry standards set by Canada Health Infoway. This means that healthcare providers can get the information they need.

Topology Health doesn't just stop at Canadian standards; their tools extends to a wide range of EHR systems. By utilizing the SMART on FHIR standard, Topology Health can seamlessly connect with various EHRs, including industry giants like Epic, Cerner, and more.

The SMART on FHIR standard allows for a robust and standardized exchange of health information, ensuring compatibility and interoperability across different systems. This means that healthcare professionals can access patient summaries with ease, regardless of the EHR system in use, fostering a more connected and collaborative healthcare environment.

Topology Health's commitment to innovation is further evident in its ability to empower other apps to connect to EHRs. By leveraging its comprehensive software development kit (SDK), Topology Health enables third-party applications to seamlessly integrate with EHR systems and harness the power of patient summary data.

This capability opens up a world of possibilities for healthcare app developers, allowing them to create solutions that enhance patient care, streamline workflows, and contribute to the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery.

While achieving a single patient record across an entire jurisdiction remains a complex goal, Topology Health acknowledges the significance of sharing patient summaries. The ability to share comprehensive patient data within or outside a state or province is a critical step toward achieving a more interconnected healthcare system.

Topology Health recognizes that effective patient information sharing can lead to improved care coordination, reduced redundancies, and better-informed decision-making. Although it might not be a universal patient record, the sharing of patient summaries significantly contributes to the goal of creating a more cohesive and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.

Topology Health's dedication to advancing EHR integration is reshaping the landscape of healthcare technology. By aligning with international standards, connecting with diverse EHR systems, and enabling app connectivity, Topology Health is at the forefront of fostering a more connected and collaborative healthcare ecosystem. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, Topology Health stands as a beacon of innovation, paving the way for a future where patient data is seamlessly accessible, secure, and utilized to its fullest potential.