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The Future of Cancer Surveillance

At Topology Health, we are committed to advancing healthcare technology and improving patient outcomes. Our latest endeavor in this mission was showcased at the HL7 Connectathon, where we tested the Cancer Registry SMART on FHIR App (CR-SoFA). This innovative project, a collaboration with the College of American Pathologists (CAP), presents a new way to do cancer surveillance and research. Here’s a closer look at our breakthroughs and future plans.

The Future of Cancer Surveillance

Our development of the CR-SoFA represents a significant step in enhancing the efficiency of cancer surveillance. The app's ability to query Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for additional patient information after receiving a pathology report in a NAACCR Vol V message could improve the data quality of registries today. This capability ensures a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of each patient's cancer journey. Today many, many registries are almost two years behind on their data processing from the current date, with new technologies like the CR-SoFA we could reduce that lag time. 

Data Retrieval Capabilities

The CR-SoFA demonstrated its ability to retrieve comprehensive patient data via FHIR APIs. This included access to problem lists, medication and procedures lists, as well as radiology and prior pathology reports. Crucially, it also provided key US Core Profiles like Race, Ethnicity, Birth Sex, and Gender – essential for a holistic understanding of patient health.

Looking Ahead: HIMSS 2024

Our journey doesn't end here. The CDC are gearing up to demonstrate this workflow at HIMSS 2024 in Orlando, scheduled for March 11-15. This will be an exciting opportunity to showcase the CR-SoFA’s capabilities to a broader audience and gather more insights.

Stay Updated with Topology Health

We at Topology Health are thrilled about the potential of the CR-SoFA and other tools we are developing. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate at the forefront of healthcare technology. Follow us for the latest news and developments in our quest to transform healthcare for the better.